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    White Castle Marketing

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    1. Swot analysis of White Castle and make 3 recommendations TO offer to white castle to encounter the threats of their business.
    2. Does white Castle has a product, promotion, or price problem? Give recommendations to solve the problem?

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    Please see response attached (also below). I hope this helps and take care.



    Although I CANNOT complete assignments or parts of assignments for students, I can provide you with information and examples to consider for each section. You can then draw on this information for your final copy.
    I am wondering if you were provided with a case study of White Castle to draw on as well. Let's take a closer look:

    1. SWOT analysis of white castle and OFFER 3-recommendations to offer to white castle to encounter the threats of their business.


    ? What are White Castle's advantages?

    E.g., High quality hamburger, brand loyalty, Ingram's influence over the company, the continued innovative managerial staff, nearly 400 stores in 11 states are all company owned and operated, White Castle is second only to McDonalds in per-restaurant dollar sales among hamburger chains, open 24-hours a day, excellent health and dental plan for employees, etc.
    "The obvious advantage of having the DR plan (1999 implimentation) is better overall dental health for our team members," Gunderson said. "By providing this benefit, we expect that they will be able to go to the dentist more regularly, resulting in a healthier workforce for the future." "It's been a win-win for everybody at the company," Gunderson added. "With the DR dental plan in place, we like to think that our guests will see better smiles in our restaurants."

    ? What do they do well?

    E.g., sell unique hamburgers (slyders); match marketing strategy with consumer needs; many innovations, such as reducing bags and paper flow so mangers could focus on running the restaurant e.g. threw employee fingerprinting authentication of health benefits for employees, promotions, such as games for free hamburgers, etc http://magazine.digitalidworld.com/Jan05/Page30.pdf

    Also consider this from White Castle's own point of view and from the point of view of the people White Castle deals with. From ...

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    Referring to the White Castle case, this solution overviews a Swot analysis and makes recommendations for White Castle to deal with the threats of their business. It then discusses if White Castle has a product, promotion, or price problem, and provides recommendation to solve the problem.