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    Segway using the 4P's for potential improvements in marketing

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    Review the Segway's Web site, including information on its current marketing mix (product, place, price, and promotion). Complete and submit a case analysis of Segway. This analysis should include a summary of the business, significant marketing issues, and recommendations about how they can improve their marketing program.

    Identify the most significant problems or issues (including those potentially related to weaknesses and threats).
    Identify potential solutions to the problems or issues.
    Evaluate the potential solutions, and recommend the best choices.

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    The Segway was and continues to be an interesting test in environmental products. It is also a product for people to help them get from one place to another, more easily and quickly than by walking or in big cities, taking public and private transportations. Segway is a personal transportation vehicle, designed to move and be controlled by the driver's physical movements.

    The business and the Segway were introduced to great fanfare in 2001. It is a self-balancing and zero emissions mode of ...

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    The expert analyzes Segway using the 4P's for potential improvements in marketing.