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Marketing psychology

Give an example of how to use marketing psychology in selecting a marketing message for a target buyer group.

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Marketing Psychology

Due to the proliferation of the tri-media-- the print, broadcast, news-- we expect to see see more and more children exposed to products they do not need.

Media Awareness Network (2010) showed that "children are often aware of and want to see entertainment meant for older audiences because it is actively marketed to them." This means that unwanted ads promoted by commercial establishments find their way in the line-of-sight of the children.

An alarming report by the same Network showed that:
"... the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) revealed how the movie, music and video games industries routinely market violent entertainment to young children."
"The FTC studied 44 films rated "Restricted," and discovered that 80 per cent ...

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The solution discusses and gives examples of the use of psychology in marketing a product or service.