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Marketing Decision Use Problems

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1. The following list represents examples of management decision problems. Restate each of these management decision problems to represent marketing research problems.

a.Should a new product be introduced?
b.Should an advertising campaign that has run for three years be changed?
c.Should the in-store promotion for an existing product line be increased?
d.What pricing strategy should be adopted for a new product?
e.Should the compensation package be changed to better motivate the sales force?

2. The following list represents examples of marketing research problems. Restate each of these marketing research problems to represent management decision problems:

a.Estimate the sales and market share of department stores in a certain metropolitan area.
b.Determine the design features for a new product that would result in maximum market share.
c.Evaluate the effectiveness of alternative TV commercials.
d.Assess current and proposed sales territories with respect to their sales potential and workload.
e.Determine the prices for each item in a product line so as to maximize total sales for the product line.

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The solution discusses marketing decision use problems.

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a. Determine the feasibility and profitability of introducing a new product.
b. Evaluate the effectiveness of the current advertising campaign.
c. Assess the in-store promotion for an ...

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