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    major telephone companies

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    Pick an industry- telephone industry. Classify firms according to the four different roles they might play: leader, challenger, follower, or nicher. How would you characterize the nature of competition? Do the firms follow the principles described in marketing?

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    First of all let's look at the major telephone companies in the last two decades. In 1990's, there were eight major US companies providing local telephone service. GTE, "Baby Bells," (the operating firms which spun off from the old AT&T) and five significant long-distance companies which are AT&T, MCI, Sprint, LDS WorldCom and Qwest. In a few years, these 13 companies have merged into five telecommunications giants, in a series of record-breaking merger deals. LDS WorldCom acquired MCI and now has acquired Sprint. Southwestern Bell, Pacific Telesis and Ameritech have been combined to form SBC Corp. Bell Atlantic and NYNEX, merged, and ...

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