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Jimmy Buffett Case: Parrot Heads Unite

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1. Summarize the key facts of the case.

2. Visit Buffett's website, www.margaritaville.com. Describe the site and the products offered on it. How does it extend the concert experience?

3.Discuss the dynamics of Buffett's fan base. Are they a reference group, a brand community, or a consumer tribe?

4.What consumer needs does Buffett meet?

5.What individual decision-making processes impact buying behavior for Buffett's concerts?

6. Assume that you are a consultant asked by Buffett to propose new products (you should have a pretty good idea of the current offerings from the website). What would you recommend based on your knowledge of consumer decision-making?

(Answer each question in 200-350 words)

Case Study, Parrot Heads Unite. Pages 413-414. Ninth Edition edited by Michael R. Solomon. Prentice Hall. Copyright 2011. Pearson Education. Inc.

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1. Summarize the key facts of the case.

"Parrot Heads Unite!" highlights the enormity of rock star Jimmy Buffett's fan base. The case study discusses that while most consider Jimmy Buffett a throwback to the late 1970's, in reality his fame has continued to grow. The case study depicts Jimmy Buffett as a best selling author, restaurateur, product developer, and merchant. Jimmy Buffett has figured out how to capitalize on his fans mania by turning them into a consumer brand community for all things Buffett related. Fans plan their vacations around Buffett concerts and make special plans to visit Jimmy Buffett restaurants. Others take part in the mania by dressing in the brand community's costume: Hawaiian shirts and parrot hats, or decorating their house, boat, or recreational vehicle in the Buffett style.

Jimmy Buffett has been able to tap into "escapism" as a way to engage more fans, thus enlarging his fan base to include anyone interested in the fantasy of a relaxed lifestyle in paradise. The case study also points out that Jimmy Buffett's Parrot Heads have banded together in community service activities, with many spend time as "volunteers at blood drives, raising thousands of dollars to grant the wishes of sick kids, or building houses for the needing" (Solomon, 2011). Jimmy Buffett rewards members of "Parrot Heads in Paradise" by giving them first dibs on the best concert tickets, to further encourage philanthropic involvement as part of the Buffett fan group.

Solomon, M. R. (2011, 27 December). Consumer Behavior, 10/E. Prentice Hall. Retrieved from http://www.pearsonhighered.com/product?ISBN=9780132671842

2. Visit Buffett's website, www.margaritaville.com. Describe the site and the products offered on it. How does it extend the concert experience?

The margaritaville.com website is amazing! Fans can shop online, buying apparel and various Margaritaville collectables from multiple Jimmy Buffett tropical shops. The site also describes the various cafes, hotels, casinos and other resort options available to Jimmy Buffett fans, includes a link to online "virtual paradise" game, the option to buy music, and multiple product purchase opportunities. The breadth of merchandise is phenomenal. The "news" section includes job fairs, information about new property openings, as well as concert information. Of course there is information about Jimmy Buffett, including lyrics to songs, awards, a book club, and ways to help his "Save the Manatee" program. Tour dates are included, as well as information about his "Radio Margaritaville" and music videos. Each page offers consumers an opportunity to click through to another aspect of the site, ...

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