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How might a communications audit be beneficial

How might a communications audit be beneficial to our organizations effort to reach its public's through Public Relations?

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In general, a communications audit is beneficial because it helps your organization determine the following:

- identify communication problems that impact efficiency, morale and productivity?so you can overcome issues that are restricting growth
- Determine how pervasive the problems are?so you can set problem-solving priorities and address the major roadblocks to progress first
- Discover the causes of the problems?so you can target your initiative, and avoid wasting time, money and energy on false starts
- Propose realistic solutions, including specific actions tied to a timetable?so you can take corrective steps instantly and enjoy immediate results
- Analyze "best practices" of outstanding companies?so you can adapt relevant strategies to fit your operation without enduring painful "trial and error"
- Provide long-range follow up to monitor progress?so you can incorporate coaching, training and other reinforcements that give you permanent results

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