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High/low pricing strategy

In which situations is the high/low marketing strategy appropriate?

Is this strategy appropriate and compatible or not appropriate for Kmart after its acquisition by Sears.

Please provide sources if used.

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//Before Writing about the justifications and evaluations of a Strategy, we have to first, understand about the 'Strategy' in an illustrative way. So, firstly, we will write about the 'High/Low marketing Strategy'.//

High/low pricing strategy

The sale of the products is increased with the help of high/low marketing or high/low pricing strategies. The price of a particular product is reduced to attract and influence the customers for purchasing the product after charging comparatively high prices at initial stage. Most of the merchandisers try to sell as much as they can on full prices because it is a good source of high profit margin. But high/low strategy is appropriate for seasonal products. Time to execute the strategy should be given high consideration. The product is introduced at high prices and after a particular time, the prices are reduced. Most of the customers wait for ...

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