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Target Objectives and Cooperative Strategies

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Find three articles that target different firms' uses of cooperative strategies, and discuss what types of strategies are being used and their target objectives.

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This solution draws on three articles that target different uses of cooperative strategies by firms. It explains the cooperative strategies of each firm and its target objectives.

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Cooperative strategies
1. Mergers
2. Acquisitions
3. Joint ventures
4. Equity Alliance Strategies
5. Non-Equity Alliance Strategies

Constraints of Cooperative
1. Problems of organizational integration
2. Lack of suitable partners
3. Government Policies and controls

A. Example of Joint Venture Strategies

San Francisco Bay Joint Venture http://www.sfbayjv.org/
The San Francisco Bay Joint Venture, like the other joint ventures, is an outgrowth of the North American Waterfowl Management Plan (NAWMP), an international agreement signed in 1986 by the United States and Canada and later joined by Mexico, in response to a decline in waterfowl populations during the preceding decades. Habitat joint ventures were to be formed as vehicles for accomplishing the Plan's major goal: to "maintain and enhance the habitat values of areas identified as internationally significant to waterfowl." As of early 2000, a total of 14 such collaborations had been formed in North America, 11 in the United States and three in Canada, bringing together the fiscal resources and management capabilities of a spectrum of agencies and organizations.

The San Francisco Bay Joint Venture (SFBJV) is one of fourteen Joint Ventures established under The Migratory Bird Treaty Act and funded under the annual Interior Appropriations act. It brings together public and private agencies, conservation groups, development interests, and others to restore wetlands and wildlife habitat in San Francisco Bay watersheds and along the Pacific coasts of San Mateo, Marin and Sonoma counties.The goal of the San Francisco Bay Joint Venture is to protect, restore, increase and enhance all types of wetlands, riparian habitat and associated uplands throughout the San Francisco Bay region to benefit birds, fish and other wildlife. http://www.sfbayjv.org/

Target cooperative Strategies are:

· Secure, restore, and improve wetlands, riparian habitat, and associated uplands by ...

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