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Green River Concepts in Organizational Behavior

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Examine the recommendations that your colleagues have produced. Offer your professional evaluation of at least one of your associates' work. Include, at minimum, one issue for your colleague to either consider or improve upon before he or she finalizes the analysis.

Below is the work of my Colleague to be evaluated.

III. Alternatives and Recommendations: Green River needs to bring all of the senior management together to discuss how and where we should put teams, and the description of their tasks with all of the goals both short and long term. These tasks should be well defined and spelled out to a specific period, for their achievements. These teams should be centered on the companies overall objectives, and then on the highest achievements in the facility. If a certain workstation performs to a higher standard, we need to find out why. The employees are setting a standard and we need to recognize these top achievers through new recognition awards for their high achievements.

The management team will spell out all positions that are to be on a specific team, as well as their roles. These should consist of Coach, Leader, and Technical Resource such as a mechanic, Safety Leader, Improvement Leader, Tools & Supply Leader, and a Production Leader. The tasks associated with these roles need to be decided and set as the rule's for each team. Each team member will be responsible for a role in the new design of the facility. This will insure that we have full utilization of all of our resources in the implementation of the new organizational plan. Each team coach will create a skill assessment form for their area, with the assistance of the workers assigned to the area of concentration. These assessments we will use for the employee's new pay-per-skill assessments. The pay-per-skill policy will be a way to facilitate communication within the facility and create a sense of ownership. Remember these employees are going to help assess each task, eventually saying who goes to what pay level. This communication process will empower the employees of Green River, and reinforce the Design Team goals. In addition, this will assist in the identification of individual employees' contributions. Eventually the improvements that we achieve, will remove management personnel from the work areas. Then the teams, along with the individual groups of workers in the areas, will be able to begin the self-management process.

It is further recommended that Green River create a different form of discipline within the system. The company should create a team of employees to decide if certain violations occurred and if the penalties are appropriate for the violation. The Human Resources department will oversee this team. In the selection of the panel members, these employees need to be in the best of terms within the standards already in place.

We also recommend that the company supply a leader in each area a two-way radio for use in the safety and production areas of the business. These we can give to the team leaders that we alluded to in an earlier part of this analysis.

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Green River middle management needs to start having weekly to bi-weekly team meeting with each product line group to review the process map and help the employee understand the hands and needs of the customers. Since Green River does have to deal with a union make sure the union reps are involved in team planning meeting and scope so it does not breach the union contracts. For Goals Green River will want to use the meeting to discuss goals and issues/needs of the customer so the work force is aware of what is expected, but for now I would leave Green Rivers incentive ...

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Green River middle management needs to start having weekly to bi-weekly team meeting with each product line group to review the process map and help the employee understand the hands and needs of the customers.