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Volunteer & Employee Relationships

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1. Can you help explain two relationship issues that might occur between paid staff and a nongoverning volunteer in a front office position and how to address each issue.

2. Explain how to address diversity issues among staff members and non-governing volunteers.

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There have been concerns of making sure that volunteers don't replace paid staff but if the other way around happens, that employees are placed into positions that were previously held by volunteers, this trend deserves consideration.
There have been more and more paid workers that have been assigned to jobs such as front office positions, or positions that have been done by volunteers. The volunteer and the employee perform the same work, side-by-side, in different schedules. Most hospitals and museums are practising this on their reception area or information desks. In the past, many of these institutions asked volunteers to work as receptionists or information clerks. Whatever the reason was, the volunteers gladly took the responsibility and were proud ...

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This solution discusses non-governing volunteers and employees/paid staff work and relationship issues and how to address them.

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Explain which definition of work best defines the relationship that exists in each of these work settings?

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Include references.

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