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Presentation aids used in group presentations

Chapter 13 & Chapter 14 discuss how to identify advantages and disadvantages of using presentation aids in group presentations. I am totally lost when it comes to doing PowerPoint presentations as I have to complete 8 to 10 PowerPoint slides with Speaker's notes and include key bullet points and clip art, providing a summary of each presentation aid and their accompanying advantages and disadvantages based on Engleberg and Wynn's (2007) chapter 13 by addressing the following questions:

? Identify various presentation aids used in group presentations and select four.

? Identify advantages and disadvantages of these aids when used in group presentations.

? Describe the appropriate audience for each aid and identify how each must be used.

Be sure to reference text readings to support your reasoning and also include an Introduction, Conclusion, and Reference slide.

** See attached Acrobat PDF's for further details and info **

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Discusses 4 presentation aids used in group presentations: Overhead Transparencies, Computer-generated slides, Flip charts and Video