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Analyzing Customers

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The objectives include:

? Analyze customer needs, behaviors and trends
? Analyze industry/competitive trends
? Leverage customer feedback
? Understand key drivers of customer value
? Establish long-term customer acquisition and retention objectives
? Perform customer segmentation analysis
? Evaluate customer/segment profitability metrics

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Find an example from a current event, a magazine, or an article and apply it to this week's objectives. Please summarize the article in a paragraph or so, then explain how it ties into the objectives and what that situation teaches us about marketing.
The title of the article is "Roche wins marketing approval for smaller Tamiflu capsules in Europe"
The summary of the article:
The Swiss drug maker Roche Holding AG announced that its proposal for making Tamiflu capsules in 30 mg and 45 mg doses received a positive response from the European regulator. Earlier the company had received approval for the smaller capsules from the US Food and Drug Administrator. The advantages of the smaller capsules is that these capsules can be administered to children and have a relatively longer shelf life.

The objectives include:

? Analyze customer needs, behaviors and trends"
The customer needs that have been identified by Roche are:
1. There is a need for ...

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