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    Demand Management, Order Management and Customer Service

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    Demand Management

    4. What are some of the logistics problems that might arise when supply and demand for a product are not aligned properly? What are some of the methods used to soften the effects of this imbalance?

    5. What are the basic types of forecasts? What are their strengths and weaknesses?

    Order Management and Customer Service

    5. Explain the impacts of order cycle time length and variability on both buyers and sellers.

    7. Organizations can have three levels of involvement with respect to customer ser-vice. What are these, and what is the importance of each?

    9. Discuss the nature and importance of the four logistics- related elements of customer service.

    10. Effective management of customer service requires measurement. Discuss the nature of performance measurement in the customer service area.

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    Demand & Order Management: Customer Service

    Answer 1

    Logistics Problem

    If supply and demand are not aligned properly, it might result in to severe logistics problem, as the cost of logistics will be increased. The quality may also decline, which further results in to poor customer service. The delivery of products will also hamper. The activities of logistics will fall in turbulence. The elevation of logistics will be reduced, that poses further problems in the demand patterns. There will be chances of shortage in supply, which further lower the profitability as well as the productivity of the company. There will be a creation of imbalance in the production and operation department of the company, which further downsize the credibility of the company product. There will be a probability of the grave difficulties in the demand patterns of that particular product. Improper alignment will also create system overload and require last diminutive changes in the production.

    Methods to Soften the Effects of Imbalance

    There are various methods, which are used to soften the effects of imbalance created due to the improper alignment of supply and demand of a product. These are as follows:

    Ø Channel spanning performance measure: Company should use this method to gauge the success for accessing the customers, which further soften the imbalance effectively.

    Ø Customization of logistics network: In order to soften the imbalance, it is also necessary for the company to customize the network of logistics according to the requirements of the end users (Aligning a Misaligned Supply Chain, 2009).

    Ø Consistent forecast: Company should also perform a consistent forecast, which will assist it to attain optimal allocation of resources that is essential for balancing the demand and supply of a product in a proper and accurate manner.

    Answer 2

    Types of Forecast

    There are four basic types of forecasting, which are used to predict the future or demand for the particular product. These are as follows:

    Qualitative: This technique is used in case of new product and the situation is vague. In this ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 723 Words, APA References