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    Technology as the way to move forward to success

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    What are some real-world examples of how organizations that embrace innovation of all types, such as technologies and processes, are more likely to thrive than those that do not embrace innovation?

    The old saying in business is: "if you do fail to plan then you plan to fail". When the Internet boom hit the economic arena, everyone who owned a business wanted a website. This desire was mainly due to the basic understanding that if you wanted to be competitive in the 21st Century, then you had to be a 24 hour business. This concept fueled the idea that you had to produce a storefront that could accept business anytime, any day or any place in the world. This was the only way to have a truly successful business in such a bold and competitive new world.

    The biggest embrace of innovation seen in the 21st Century was the use of the Internet. Organizations leaped at the opportunity to innovate their products, purchasing approach, and philosophy to conducting business.

    What was your big awaking moment in the past that technology was the way to move forward to success?
    Please write at least 250 words with at least one reference in APA format.

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    The moment of epiphany that technology was the way to move forward to success was when my brother moved across the country. My older brother moved to the opposite of the country and for several years we grew apart, no longer communicating more than through a few messages and emails. Then, Facetime came out and we started using that as a way to communicate. I learned, as a result, that technology had the ability to connect us. The bits of data being sent at ...

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    This solution gives examples of how organizations embrace innovation such as technologies and processes are more likely to survive than those that do not. This solution is a personal example that determined technology was a way to move forward to success.