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IS Management Decisions for Project Success

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Research and present a case study (not addressed in the textbook) in which a major IS project succeeded specifically because the IS analysts understood and avoided pervasive but unacknowledged beliefs or behaviors.

Write your case in the form of an APA-style report. The report should address the techniques used to identify the beliefs and behaviors. In the report, discuss how understanding the unacknowledged beliefs and behaviors helped the IS analysts avoid pitfalls and difficulties in the IS project and how these approaches used by the IS analysts could be generalized. The body of the report should not exceed 5 pages in length.

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• The report should address the techniques used to identify the beliefs and behaviors.

Try and think in terms that most IS Managers used the rethinking techniques by those involved (both directly and indirectly) on the project that rendered a less stellar results. Case in point, the article according to Amy C. Edmonson, Harvard Business School, Professor (2011) indicated the true strategies for failures in technology deals with senior level management ability to truly access what happened and why with metrics supporting such data. Some key areas indicated by Edmonson (2011):

- Just asking people to reflect on what they did wrong and exhort them to avoid similar mistakes in the future are not productive, according to Edmonson (2011).

- Try and think in terms of that IS Managers and IS team's failure is not always a negative but an opportunity to gather more data on the organizational output by IS that lead to the less expected results.

- Bottom-line, the goal is to develop a way that outlines a true way that supports the organization in a new and existing way that supports the business forward out of the IS failure with the following attributes of techniques applied:

1. Focus on research that hones ...

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