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technology transfer


This is an article that discusses a foreign investment and joint venture close to Chicago. Last summer the city of Chicago was reviewing bids to lease the Chicago Skyway (toll roads) for the next 99 years. In October, the city signed the $1.8 billion deal with a Spanish-Australian consortium and the foreign investor paid its entire bill within 90 days of signing the agreement.

Both the city of Chicago and the foreign consortium will benefit from this deal. According to the article, the city of Chicago will be able to in order to pay off some of the city's growing debt and relieve the city from the costs associated with maintaining the toll way. The Spanish-Australian consortium expects to make at least a 10% return on its investment by increasing traffic flow on the underused toll ways, making it easier for traffic to efficiently pass through the toll gates, and increasing the toll fares.

- Can you comment of what you perceive would be a relationship of the consortium to each other and how this form of technology transfer is taking place?

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The relationship between the consortium and the Chicago City Council:
The relationship between the consortium that is Cintra-Macquaire and the Chicago City Council is that of lessee and lessor and is defined by the lease agreement:
1. The Cintra-Macquaire will take over the Chicago Skyway toll road within 90 days:
2. Cintra-Macquaire will pay the Chicago City Council $1.88 billion within the 90 days.
3. Cintra-Macquaire may increase the toll on autos to double the current amount that is $4 during the next decade.
4. The Chicago City Council will be responsible for policing and snow plowing on the toll road but will ...

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