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Role of Technology, etc.

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What role do technologies such as encryption play in protecting privacy?

Describe the process within public key systems if you want to support non-repudiation and securing the message.

Describe how the Take-Grant model works? Which popular operating system uses it any why?

Describe the 4th amendment versus security in maintaining a company infrastructure and remaining open for business.

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This solution explains the role of technology. Each of the questions listed is addressed in detail.

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1 -- Encryption plays a big role in protecting privacy. As more and more businesses go global, encryption has become even more widely used because many of the larger businesses have found that their messages need to be encrypted because now they're going into the hands of people overseas. Anytime we open up our business circle to include a wider range of people, including overseas, it increases the risk that proprietary information, which is sensitive data, will be compromised. Encryption helps to protect against this risk.

2 -- In a public key infrastructure, non-repudiation deals with the fact that a person or entity involved in a transaction cannot deny their role in that transaction. This can be compared to a contract - a person signs a contract with a pen and shows their involvement in ...

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