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Parallel Conversion

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As the Systems Analyst assigned to the Warehousing Application, you were responsible for preparing the requirements definition, high-level design and detail design documents. In addition, you worked closely with the programming staff to ensure that the program code complied with the design documents. The Quality Assurance section has completed exercising the test scripts and assured you that the programs appear to be performing in accordance with the detail design. This Warehousing Application replaces an old legacy system. It's now time for implementation. Develop a case for either testing the new system extensively, implementing without paralleling with the old system or processing both systems in parallel until any "bugs" have been identified and fixed before the old system is turned off. State the reasons for your choice.

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// As per the directions given for the paper, this section explains about the responsibilities of a System Analyst, for the warehousing application. It also discusses that the old legacy system should be replaced by a new one. This section will be a great help to you and will be a guiding source too. \

As a system analyst assigned to the warehousing application, it is my responsibility to prepare the required definition. It is believed that this warehousing application would replace an old legacy system and according to the quality assurance section this application would perform in accordance with the detailed design. A s far as options are concerned I have two options either I ...

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