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Management Information Systems: Information and Organization

The flows of communication and information are critical to the effective operation of an organization, and if they don't flow effectively, things don't get done, or get done badly. This would suggest that the structure of the organization should be set up to maximally encourage information flows, and that IT organization should parallel the rest of the structure. But there are other things that go on in organizations other than communication, aren't there? What might some of them be? And should communication really rule? What are some things other than communication flows that might be the basis for organizing people and work, and why might we want to give them priority over communication facilitation when we set things up and manage work?

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Communication within the organization is imperative and something that should top the organizational structure of all companies. Whether or not the information flows from leadership to its employees has always been a challenge for organizations and one that is not easily overcome. One area that follows communication is creating a plan and implementing it effectively through the involvement and support of all within the organization. For this plan to be effective, leaders need to clearly communicate the ...

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This solution provides a detailed discussion of communication and information systems along with other topics of structural importance to an organization.