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    IT Systems Contracts and Couplings

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    1. Why is the service contract a permissible focal point for coupling in a service? What characteristics of the service contract will allow the service to evolve even when loosely coupled to logic and to customers?
    2. Explain the type of coupling (and hence dependencies) that can be expected for task services, utility services, and entity services. How does coupling at the service level affect the capabilities of the service that is dependent on either external or internal implementations?
    3. What are the short term and long term consequences of designing a system with contract-to-logic coupling? What are the effects on the service itself and what are the effects on the overall service inventory when this occurs? Using research and your own experience, identify at least two situations that could facilitate contract-to-logic coupling in practice.

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    1. Because a service contract that comes from an underlying environment can become negative coupling types in sections of said environment. It depends on design goals and regulations on the design levels. Sometimes in order to do what is needed other services and documents need to be amended or designed.

    2. For ...

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    An expert describes couplings, service contracts by defining specific types and provides examples of uses as well as their causes and effects.