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    The Information Systems (IS)

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    1) Describe the major functions of the IS department.

    2) Describe any four rights of users of information systems.

    3) Explain the term virus and explain the differences between Trojan horses and worms. Support your answers with examples.

    4) Explain how organizations should respond to security incidents. Provide an example to support your answer.

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    According to Umsl.edu, the Information Systems (IS) performs functions that assist a company's various departments such as the production department, accounting and finance department, marketing and sales and human resources.
    The IS supports the marketing department in its activities toward their plans of promoting and selling the company's products and services. Marketing departments use the marketing mix in their decision making and the IS assist this department in terms of the product, price, place and promotion decisions. IS draws on various data to be able to present relevant information for the marketing decisions to be made. IS also assists in sales forecasting in which quantitative methods together with human insight and experience are used to create sales techniques.
    Manufacturing IS helps in lightening the business pressures due to global competition. The new marketplace needs lean, agile, flexible and quality manufacturing. Production companies should be highly efficient with better engineering and processes. They must be fit for time-sensitive competition. Manufacturing companies need to learn to adjust its production to the customers' changing demands in cost. Managers need to treat quality as significant and less of a price-option.
    The IS department's financial function is to take care of the flow of money and assets in and out of the organization and to make sure that the funds are properly used and to keep the organization fit monetary wise.
    The ...

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    * Information Systems (IS), its functions and how it supports the other departments of the organization
    * Virus, Trojan horses, Worms: explained/defined and their differences
    * Rights and responsibilities of IS users
    * Cyber security incidents: how companies respond to them
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