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    This posting addresses fraudulent behavior in a software co.

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    Jason works at a new software development company. The company has been in existence for only two years. Since the company is new, everybody is working extra hours and spending all of their time developing new products that can be sold to customers. Everybody is busy, and there is very little time for manager-employee interviews.

    The culture of the company is trusting and fun. When Jason started with the company, the only agreement he had to sign was an agreement to not transfer company software secrets to other organizations. Earlier in the year, Jason learned of an instance where another employee in accounting was fired. The reason was rumored to be fraudulent behavior, but nobody really knew the reason. What about this organization's operating procedures encourages fraudulent behavior?

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    The beginning of the story is pretty normal for a new company. People working hard, trying to get products out there, so the company can make a profit.

    Erroneous procedure #1: There is little time for interviews. Big, big mistake. Management has to make time, regardless of how little time there is. The interviews have to be a priority. Managers need to talk with each person, face to face, before hiring to assess basic skills and look at ...

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    The solution provides a detailed discussion examining a software company's policies, and specifically, what bout this organization's operating procedures encourages fraudulent behavior.