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    The Advantages and Disadvantages of Electronic Tendering

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    The prospect of electronic tenders is both promising and frightening. From your own personal perspective, what would be the benefits and possible disadvantages this has for you? What will need to happen to make people feel comfortable and secure when using electronic tenders?

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    The use of electronic tender or the process of eTendering provides benefits, advantages as well as disadvantages to both the organization and its prospective suppliers or bidders. Regardless of the size, organizations and their procurement can become more efficient and effective when they have a good working eTendering system.
    It will be easier to manage their suppliers' bids as all will be done online. The system will automatically invite and manage the submission of bids. As a result, procurement staff can focus on the core functions instead of attending to the bids and checking their submission. The bidders submit their documents for bidding as well as download the requirements. Managing bids are streamlined and the comparison of the bids are done with granular responses.
    An effective eTendering system can automate the process. From pre-qualification questionnaire, invitation, evaluation, ...

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    The advantages and disadvantages of eTendering and how the limitations can be overcome are examined. The solution is 521 words with two non-APA references.