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Job relatedness of tests

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1. Should the company be allowed to ask such questions?
2. Think of all issues that you considered in taking a position or, if you aren't sure what your position is, what additional information do you need?
3. How would the company prove the job relatedness of such a test?
4. When must the company prove the job relatedness of the test?

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This solution helps to how testing should be utilized in job relatedness.

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Hello, I provide the following to assist you in formulating your response.

1. Should the company be allowed to ask such questions?

No, the company should not be allowed to ask these types of questions. The U.S. Privacy Protection Commission specifically states that all information acquired should be relevant. Questions such as "I looked up to my father as an ideal man" would not be relevant in any Homeland Security Job. There would be no job description that would ever require questions about whether your father was an ideal man in your eyes. Family questions such as this should have no bearing.

However, if the questions are specifically relevant to the job description, such as how many words do you type per minute, or do you have any family members currently in the practice of law, do you have any family members current incarcerated for a paralegal position would be relevant. Although theses types of ...

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