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Why do leaders fail

In-depth reflection of the most common reasons why business leaders are not effective in their efforts to implement change initiatives.

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Why do leaders fail? Because not all leaders know how to lead. History has proven this to us. Dell Chairman Michael Dell said, referring to his own company's managers in Fortune Magazine (3/7/05), "If you're a manager who is not addressing employee issues, you're not going to get promoted... or get compensation. And, if you consistently score in the bottom rungs of the surveys, we're going to look at you and say; maybe this isn't the right job for you." This is a good leader trying to lead. Exactly.

Many leaders fail because they are not ready to lead or not willing to take the responsibility that goes along with the title and compensation. Education does not make guarantee a company that he or she will be a good leader either. Through experience, I have seen many companies ignore the struggling ...

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