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    Who is a leader?

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    Define four types of leadership styles

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    An effective leader is confident, honest, trustworthy, and influential to others. A leader who leads from the front by example and back through encouragement, Agard (2020).

    It should be noted that we are all leaders in our own right. There are leaders within and outside of the workplace such as company, home, family, and group. We are all leaders in some shape or form, born with leadership characteristics suitable to our personalities. According to Morgan (2020), a leader not only leads people but endeavors to motivate and influence them into achieving their goals and visions. Also, an effective leader shows respect and empathy to the people who they lead.

    There are four types of leadership: authoritarian, servant, affiliative, and democratic.

    Authoritarian-leadership style is autocratic, which is dictatorial. ...

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    Leadership is the ability to inspire people to accomplish shared goals. A leader is a decision-maker, monitor, and support the team in tasks for that are beneficial to the company.