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'Transformational Leadership

Submit a well-organized paper responding to the following: Submit a paper on your 'Transformational Leadership Strategy' in which you recommend an action plan for managing/leading a functional area of your organization, ... My organization is a sewing company.

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One functional of area of my organization which is a sewing company is the production areas and the specific unit was contract sewing department. There is strong need for improving the productivity of the contract sewing department; otherwise our company will lose contract work to our competitors.

The method used by my company to improve productivity through more accurate sewing, fewer errors, and more production per hour was to appoint a transformational leader. As 95% of the 800 workers in the contract sewing department were women, the management selected a woman who had shown some elements of transformational leadership in her careers. The objective of my company was to increase the productivity of the contract sewing department by at least 20%. This would make the department competitive. Besides, price based competition did not allow the firm to offer cash incentives for improving productivity.

Overall the plan of the company was that the new leader, the manager of contract sewing department would encourage the workers to explore new ways of doing the sewing and increasing productivity, encouraging individual workers by recognizing their individual contributions, become a role model for the workers n the contract sewing department, and develop in the workers a passion and motivation that would fulfill the goals set down by the manager.

The management when appointing the ...

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