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Qualities of a Charismatic Leader: Herb Kelleher

Research the Internet and print resources to select a person who you believe is a charismatic leader. Why do you consider this person to be a charismatic leader? Give at least three reasons with examples to justify your choice.

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Charismatic leaders are concerned with people and not much concern about production or output for the company. They believe that when the needs of their subordinates are being met, it will create a culture that can lead to efficient work. A famous charismatic leader is Herb Kelleher of Southwest Airlines. According to Brooker (2000), the following are some of the reasons why Kelleher is a charismatic leader and instances that prove them:

1. Kelleher can create inspiration in his people so that they become passionate about working in Southwest. Andrew Boniface, a stock clerk in Houston has said that Herb can make everyone feel they belong to a family. Work is fun and it's like being at home, without anything standing in the way. Employees are willing to serve their customers in whatever way without regards to their rank or job description. Pilots help load the bags of customers. Employees stay longer than schedule if needed. Flight attendants became popular for popping out and telling jokes over the speakers. In the industry, Southwest has been known to be efficient, with the fewest ...

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Characteristics and qualities of a charismatic leader: Herb Kelleher of Southwest Airlines.