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Strategy Implementation & Leadership

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Why is leadership an important element in strategy implementation? Find an example from the Internet of the CEO's key role in strategy implementation. Provide the URL of your source

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//Before implementing any strategy in the Organization, it is essential to understand the requisite elements that contributes in its effective implementation. So here, I am explaining leadership as an important element in the strategy implementation and reason behind it//

Strategy Implementation & Leadership

Leadership is an internal quality, which some person may have. A leader is responsible to lead his team in many ways and plays and important role in strategy implementation. An effective leadership is responsible to create the difference. Leadership is a link between strategy and its implementation. It is a key to achieve the objective and goal of an organization. After the formulation of strategy, the main task is to implement the strategy in real environment. After mid-1990, a different type of leadership is required to run business in an effective manner. It has been changed from the operational point of view to strategic point of view. Some leadership skills help in the development of strategic management ...

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