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This post discusses politically savvy leaders.

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The first step to becoming politically savvy is to develop relationships with others. No leader is a leader without followers. No one can lead an organization well if he does not have good relationships with other people inside and outside of the organization. Discuss a leader with whom you are familiar in terms of his or her relationship-building skills and political savvy.

REAL LIFE APPLICATION: Discuss yourself in terms of your political savvy. Do you consider yourself politically savvy? If so, why? If not, what steps could you take to become more politically savvy? Why is it important as a leader to be politically savvy?

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The solution provides a discussion with references examining one's political savvy position, and includes steps that a person can take to become more politically savvy. This solution is written based on 25+ years of professional experience in the business industry.

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A political leader that everyone is familiar with in terms of relationship-building skills and political savvy is President Obama. This has been continually demonstrated throughout his term and kept in the public eye. The President has supported many causes and brought many people into his campaign through his relationship-building skills. One of the many instances was when the President initiated programs to aid all individuals, as he uses as a major campaign platform. The main initiatives include health care reform, ...

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