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Jack Welch Becoming a Leader

Part one: Discussion: Making Tough Decisions.
Consider your experiences in building a team by discussing the following:

Question 1:
Give examples of tough people decisions and share your own experiences.

Question 2:
What are some benefits of letting people know where they stand?

Question 3:
How can you both give and get better data to fairly and frequently evaluate your people?

P.s: Please answer each question for about half page minimum.

Part two: Application Activity: Evaluating Your People

Question 1:
Evaluate all or some members of your team against the group's values and also against their financial or project progress milestones.

Question 2:
Assign each person to a quadrant.

Question 1:
You may want to start with a draft, and adjust your evaluations as you (1) gather more information about an individual or (2) better define performance metrics and values.

P.S: Please write your response in a word document.
I am using the book for this course from: Jack Welch's - BECOMING A LEADER

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I am going to answer this as much as possible. I do not know your team, nor do you supply any information about them. I will build the quadrants for you, but you will need to put the people into the proper place, dependent on your information about them. This is not an assignment ready work. That is why, except for the table, you will find it here, in the assignment response box.

Question 1:
Give examples of tough people decisions and share your own experiences.
1. Knowing that someone is not making the grade and you have given them about as many chances as possible. A person has been repeatedly told the process for preparing and sending invoices and ...

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