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Difference Between Leaders and Managers

1. One Short Paragraph of discussion needed
Management and Leadership
Is there a difference between leaders and managers? Justify your answer.
What are the three (3) main characteristics of leaders/manager? Is one trait more important than the others?
Give an example of a good leader or manager, and tell us why they were good.

2. One Short Paragraph of discussion needed
What has been your experience with controlling? Can you give some examples?
Is this an important function of management? Why?

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There is a huge difference between leaders and managers. Managers are effective at doing the day to day business of the company. They use more of an authoritarian style of management. They tell rather than ask when needing to have others do things for them. Leaders are effective at motivating and guiding employees. They coach employees to do certain things or ask certain ways that develops the employee at many levels.

What are ...

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The different between leaders and managers are discussed. A good example of leaders and managers are given.