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    Influence Processes: leadership styles of Staley Wang, Leslie Marks, Joseph Hadad

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    How would you write this brief article about "upper-echelon leaders" for a management journal. You have decided to compare the leadership styles of three leaders: Staley Wang, Leslie Marks, and Joseph Hadad. (For source material, refer to the three scenarios described in Exercise 9-3 on page 287-288 of the Nahavandi textbook.)

    In your article, provide the following:

    An introduction to the concept of influence processes
    A summary of the various types of influence processes and the factors that can affect them
    An analysis of the processes used by the three leaders: Stanley Wang, Leslie Marks, and Joseph Hadad.
    Identify the processes that the leaders and top management team (TMT) are using to impact the organization.
    Use the table below to organize your answers (you can copy the table from this browser window and paste it into your Word document). Please enter into each cell in the table how that leader is using that particular influence method (if applicable).

    The Table is attached

    Nahavandi, A. (2006). The art and science of leadership. (4th edition)Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice-Hall

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