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How Leaders Can Transition from One Field to Another

After 25 years of being #1 on the Daytime Talk Show scene, Oprah Winfrey decided to call it quits to start her own network called OWN. Some people have hailed this as brillant, strategic and visionary while others have said why end her show when she had a "good thing going."

As leaders transition in their careers, they often find themselves wanting to take on bigger and better projects. Do some research on this topic. Also, state your opinion regarding Oprah's decision to leave her show and start a network. Do you think it was a smart business move? Will it be profitable? Will her fans follower her? What are the risks involved? Opportunities?

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There are many other celebrities and individuals who have followed in Oprah's footsteps. While many of them may not have longevity in the business as Oprah does, they have used their status to segway into other ventures. Rachael Ray is one such example. Her story is dynamic as well. Rachel used to work at a grocery store and was offered a show on the Food Network after being showcased on a local news station. During the newscast, Rachael showed busy individuals how to prepare a meal in 30 minutes or less. Since that time, Rachael Ray has enjoyed a successful career with the Food Network, traveling and sharing fabulous recipes with its viewers. Rachael Ray also has a daytime talk show, cookbooks and a cookware and accessory line.

With regard to Oprah Winfrey, I have followed her career. I watched her talk show for several years and dreaded the ending of ...

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This solution is based on the career of Oprah Winfrey. Will Oprah's transition from talk show host to network owner be more profitable, will she retain her fan base and other plausible questions are answered according to problem posted.