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    Group Members and Leaders

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    I have to complete the attached Team Simulation (which I have reviewed it and it's confusing).

    Then I must write an 850 word essay based on the attached Team Simulation.

    The simulation will ask you to pick appropriate members for a government task force. As team supervisor, you will be addressing leadership issues, group task and maintenance roles, conflict management strategies, group listening skills and handling difficult team members. (Chapters 8 and 12 that are attached). Answer each prompt thoroughly, using Chapters 8 and 12 to support your answers.

    Please help me with some ideas for this. Your help is greatly appreciated!

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    Please do the simulation using the characters below, so you can understand the response by experiencing the prompts and suggestions.


    Why did you choose the members you did? Why did you put each one in the role you chose?:

    Lead Agent: Sam: had previous experience on several project as lead agent, so he must have essential leadership skills.

    Assistant Lead Agent: Ricardo: Had a cultural background which was necessary for the project to work effectively with this cultural population.

    Intelligence Agent: Emily: Knows the culture to work with this population.

    Field Specialist: Antonio: Knows the culture to work with this population.

    Although the above choices appeared not to be the best choice, a prompt come up saying that time was essential to the team development process, so we could go with my choice.

    NOTE: For understanding and to be less confused, please go to the simulation and use the same positions as I did, and go through the simulation before you continue.

    Why did you choose to address Sam first?

    Sam had been lead agent in the past several times so he had experience, and was a hard worker with a good work ethics. "A leader and leadership are not the same thing. Leadership is the ability to make strategic decisions and use communication effectively to mobilize group members toward achieving a common goal." (Chater, p. 203). Since he had been assigned to several projects in the past as lead agent, my assumption was that Sam had the qualities to be an effective leader. (see Sam's profile as it has qualities to consider in this decision).

    What method would you consider using to handle Sam? Explain your choice. Type your answer here...

    I would use the direct approach, asking to meet, provide training and feedback related to the presenting issues and his leadership style and advice him on what might work. I would instruct him to try the suggestions and to report back to me for follow-up. This seems appropriate because it brings issues in the open, and provides Sam with the direction that ...

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