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Expectations Of Followers And Leaders

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What do followers want from their leaders, and why is it important for a follower to view the leader realistically?

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Followers want their leaders to set an example of excellence. Followers expect their leaders to set examples for the followers by displaying participative leadership and leading from the front.They want their leaders to have great communication skills so that complete understanding and clarity of thoughts exists and ...

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Discusses follower's expectations from their leaders

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2. It consist of six types such as:
- Personal=authenticity; expertise; creativity and innovation; vision; dedication; fit; personal engagement; credibility.
- Relational= concern; respect; understand; fair treatment.
- Contextual= building team identity; coherence; community.
- Inspirational= high expectation; enthusiasm; optimism; high aspiration.
- Supportive= efficacy; security; blame-control; initiative.
- Responsible= balance; ethical; public role; balance.

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