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    Efficient Learning: Organizing Skills for Students

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    I have a problem with organizational skills in my everyday life.
    What kind of strategies can I develop in s to help solve me this problem?

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    Dear Student,
    Since I am not aware of your personal circumstances, I can only create assumptions for you. However, the solution below was written based on the fact that you are a student. Please use this solution only as a basis for your own version. Your own version must reflect true aspects of yourself to make your final paper more personal. Thank you for using Brainmass. Word version is attached. This solution is written in the APA format.

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    Organization Skills for Students

    Every one of us has a set of work to do, obligations, responsibilities, whatever our stage and status is in life. Since childhood we have learned to cope with increasingly complex set of tasks that may or may not be time sensitive but are a necessity for achieving short term and long term goals. There are the basics - needs that must be met daily for survival: eating, resting/sleeping, hydration, keeping healthy (physical fitness and hygiene), etc. Then there are the defining tasks about our identity and our place in society. As a student, for me, these include going to university/college on a strict schedule to attend classes, allotting study time and completion time for projects, papers, research and review for exams and tests, finding extra income to support my needs from part-time jobs on top of my studies and in between - spending time with friends and family, if time allowed. Other people of course have different concerns. My mom and dad for example follow daily schedules that revolve around their work and family commitments and they do this to achieve the goal of personal and professional satisfaction on top of providing for ...

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    The solution provides insight on organizational skills and available methods that one can use for the purpose of strategizing at efficiency & organizing skills application. The focus is on 'Organizing Skills for Studies' to help students in making the most of their resources and their time especially in prioritizing and achieving tasks and goals in their studies despite the demands of other concerns in their personal lives. Financial management is also touched. The solution follows the APA-format from a first person perspective. A word version is attached for easy printing.