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Charismatic Leadership Style

Identify one negative trait of charismatic leadership and detail how you are going to keep from aligning that trait with your Charismatic leadership style.

Your score on each dimension in the test "How Charismatic am I?" will range from 4 to 20. The higher your score, the more you demonstrate charismatic leader behaviors. While no specific cut-offs were stated by the authors, it seems reasonable to conclude that total scores of 85 or higher would indicate fairly strong charismatic qualities.

Management of Attention. How close attention do you pay to people with whom you are communicating? Do they have clear ideas about the relative importance of priorites?
You Scored: 19

Management of meaning. How effective are you at getting your meaning across?
You Scored: 18

Management of Trust. Are you perceived as willing to follow through on promises and take clear positions on issues?
You Scored: 17

Management of Self. How concerned are you about the welfare of others, their feelings, and your own self-regard?
You Scored: 19

Management of Risk. Are you willing to take risks for those things you believe in? Are you willing to accept some failure in pursuit of your goals?
You Scored: 16

Management of feelings. Can you tap into the feelings of others and make their more meaningful for them?
You Scored: 18

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Charismatic leadership is a very powerful form of leadership. Many people are drawn to a charismatic leader, because they are so dynamic and at times personable. The charismatic leader can sometimes find themselves feeling as if they are infallible, untouchable, and even god-like (Palshikar, 2011). This prompts the leader to misuse power given to them by the follower. Many companies report that they have seen their charismatic ...

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This 274 word solution outlines the Charismatic Leadership Style. It has 2 references to bind the concepts together. It identifies negative and positive traits of the charismatic leader, and shares ideas on how this leadership style can be beneficial, as well as, controlled.