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Change Concepts (Intersect and CrysTel)

Intersect Investments executives are pointing fingers because of internal problems. Identify business methods that would help resolve their issues. Meanwhile, CrysTel Communications has employee participation concerns and the leadership element needs to connect with them. Identify concepts that CyrsTel should incorporate and why.

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Vroom's Expectancy Theory
In the Intersect Investment scenario, there is still finger pointing going on between the sales and marketing staffs. Lyn Chen, VP of Sales, is against change as she feels her sales staff has done more than their part to reach their expected goal of a 14% increase in revenue. Call time has been reduced by 5% and revenue up 4% (partly due to an increase in pricing). However the turnover rate for Sales continues to climb. Joel Contino, VP of Marketing, believes strongly in the "customer intimacy" approach and backs it completely. Executive VP of Sales and Marketing, Janet Angelo, has the task of motivating Lyn and Joel to see this task through to a successful end. Both VPs have put forth what they believe are their best efforts and are doing their part to achieve organizational goals, yet they are still unable to attain them - and the finger pointing goes on.

"First, motivation is affected by an individual's expectation that a certain level of effort will produce the intended performance goal" (Kreitner & Kinicki, 2004, p. 298)

Motivation Through Goal Setting
Intersect Investments CEO Frank Jeffers supports the "customer ...

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After reviewing the Intersect Investments and CyrsTel simulations, concepts were identified that would help both companies with internal issues.