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Business course has made a better business leader.

Identify how a business course you took has made you a better
business leader.
â?¢ Be specific and provide examples.
â?¢ Identify what helped you the most to develop into the business leader that you are.

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When one thinks about which of their business courses will make them a better business leader, they probably do not think about the statistics class. Usually one thinks about the management or marketing class for understanding people, teams, and markets. And, these courses did help me understand the micro and macro forces on people, teams and markets. One might also think about the business communication course, clearly one that conveys key skills for successful business leaders. But for me, the statistics course was the real trigger to bring out my true potential as a leader.

Prior to enrolling in the business statistics course, I was already thinking about business because of my part-time job during school. I could see how we were trying to appeal to our market with products and services that were tailored to what we thought our customers needed and wanted. We tried to offer competitive prices and excellent service. And the manager of our location tried to motivate us and help us to do a good job by setting sensible policies and guidance. What was missing was the use of business and activity data as a source of monitoring, documenting and signaling needs, opportunities, successes, weaknesses and accomplishments. The statistics course opened my eyes to how I can use modern databases to motivate, reward, encourage, train, monitor, ...

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The expert identifies how a business course they took has made them better.