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examples of production and consumption related to resources

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Humans are constantly innovating ways to produce and consume material resources.

Give specific examples of at least two (2) production and two (2) consumption habits humans have related to material resources. These should include production of types of consumer goods as well as consumption of environmental resources. what efforts must be considered about these production and consumption habits in order to sustain the global population?

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One item that is heavily consumed by humans is bananas. Unfortunately, the overuse of the land is camouflaged by the beautiful stock on the grocery store shelf.

According to H. Archimède, Caspsa-bassien, M. Boval, G. Alexandre and M.F. Zébus, in the French West Indies, modern banana plantations are not sustainable. Banana plants are two of the highest yielding forage crops that grow in the tropic. Less than half of the total production of the crop is used for human consumption. It would be advantageous to innovate and find a use for the entire banana and utilize botanist genetic expertise for trees that yield more bananas and less waste.

Corn and oil production have all but changed human culture in the western world. Feed ...

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Corn and other items produced by plants are discussed, with respect to sustaining the global population.

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