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    Unionism in Hospitals: Drafting a plan for or against nurses and unions

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    You are the Human Resource Director for a 500-bed hospital. You have learned that the American Professionals Union is attempting to unionize your 1,000 registered nurses. The CEO has asked you to draft a plan - either supporting the nurses in their efforts OR attempting to remain union free. Draft solid arguments - either pro or con - for presentation and recommendation to the CEO.

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    I have attempted to give you a good beginning to help you get your answer started. I have provided at least three or four resources for you to utilize. Further, I have helped you get started on each section and explained how to write an appropriate response. As you are aware, I cannot write an answer for you, I can only assist you with the same.

    Also, I have not indicated whether it is advantageous or disadvantageous for the business. I will let you decide, with the information that I have provided, whether you believe one or the other. I have utilized the abstract and introduction to indicate that it would be an asset.

    So the title page should be first. Obviously include your name, Professor's name, etc.

    Abstract - Should be titled Abstract.
    (See paragraph below for the beginning of your abstract)

    The abstract is a brief overview of what your paper will be about. In your situation, your paper discusses the resources that an organization competes for and the consequences and costs of the same. Your abstract should be one paragraph in length.

    A business should determine whether or not a union would be beneficial to the organization and its employees. There are advantages and disadvantages to unionizing for any business. This answer will set out the advantages for your organization.

    **The above is an example of how your abstract would start out. You can find more information on how to write an abstract at: http://www.ece.cmu.edu/~koopman/essays/abstract.html


    Obviously start with the Introduction. The introduction will be similar to the abstract but should not be the same material. In the introduction you discuss what you will be discussing in your paper.

    Any organization will hit road bumps. It is how you overcome those road bumps that make an organization successful. It will be important to maintain a staff that is competent, diligent, ...

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    The expert examines drafting a plan for or against nurses and unions. The unionism in hospitals are determined.