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Training and promoting employees

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Situation: I am the HR professional at ABC Credit Union, a relatively small organization of five branch locations experiencing rapid growth and expansion to 10 branches. Historically, the company has always recruited for job openings from outside the firm in order to hire the most "qualified and experienced" employees for the job. The director has asked me to research and recommend a policy for promotion from within. He is particularly concerned about the affects on employee morale when people who apply for positions are not selected.

1. What are the alternative procedures for considering internal employees?
2. What are the advantages and disadvantages for each?
3. How might a policy or procedure address his concerns?

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1. What are the alternative procedures for considering internal employees?
The first alternative procedure for considering internal employees is to refrain from making any announcements but select the level from which the promotions are to be made. Then from that level the company should select those employees that have got the best performance evaluation rating should be considered for ...

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