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Measures to reverse the trend of loss of Union Membership

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I am not to familiar with labor unions, I need assistance answering the following question.

What must labor unions do to reverse the trend toward a loss of union membership and consequently a loss of power?

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// Trade integral part of any Organization be it large or small. They together are very powerful and enjoy strong bargaining power over the employer. So in this case, we would identify the ways to reverse the trend toward a loss of union membership and consequently a loss of power. //

Trend of loss of Union Membership

In the last decade, trade union membership has decreased to a great extent. There were 16.5 million memberships in the year 1999 which decreased to 16.3 million in 2000. In the last few years, situation has become worse and the number of members has become similar as they were in 50's. To some extent, the fall in the union membership is related to unfavorable economic conditions, such as recession. Economy has changed a lot, which is the ...

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