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Inventory Management

Select an inventory management problem that applies to your work or personal life.

Describe the organization, the inventory problem it faces, and the expected benefits that are motivating the organization to implement a solution.

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General Motors Corporation is one of the companies producing automobiles and in mid-1970s, famous writers had praised General Motors (GM) for having one of the best corporate structures and for its effective managerial techniques which have caused GM's success. However, in recent years, GM has shown weak performance which made people suspect that the company has not been managed as well as before. It was realized later in 1920s that GM became the market leader car company because it built better cards and not because of its management techniques.

In 1910, General Motors faced a problem. They weren't able to manage and control their inventories very well. A few industry practices contributed to the problems in inventory faced by companies and their dealers. The usual custom was that dealers were ...

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