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    6. Aldridge Washmon Co. is one of the largest distributors of heavy farming equipment in Brownsville, Texas, located on the border with Mexico. The time is late 1981. Sales have increased dramatically over the past two years, and Aldridge is requesting an expansion of its credit line. What information would you as a banker need before you accede to its request?

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    ANSWER. The key to this question is to recognize that the real value of the Mexican peso rose dramatically over this time period. Thus, the rise in Aldridge Washmon's sales was due almost exclusively to the rising real value of the Mexican peso, which made it less and less expensive for Mexican farmers to buy its farming equipment. By 1982, Mexican farmers accounted for 80% of its business. But the company experienced artificial prosperity. Once the peso devalued, as it had to, Aldridge's sales plummeted because Mexican farmers could no longer afford its machines.

    Aldridge plans to use the expanded line of credit to ...

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