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International Finance

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2. Square Corp. has not tapped the Swiss-franc public debt market because of concern about a likely appreciation of that currency and only wishes to be a floating-rate dollar borrower, which it can be at LIBOR + 3/8%. Circle Corp. has a strong preference for fixed-rate Swiss-franc debt, but it must pay 1/2 of 1% more than the 5 1/4% coupon that Square Corp.'s notes would carry. Circle Corp., however, can obtain Eurodollars at LIBOR flat (a zero margin). What is the range of possible cost savings to Square from engaging in a currency swap with Circle?

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ANSWER. Square Corp. can borrow fixed-rate Swiss francs at 5.25% and floating-rate dollars at LIBOR + 3/8%. Meanwhile Circle Corp. can borrow fixed-rate Swiss francs at 5.75% and floating-rate dollars at LIBOR flat. The logical set of transactions ...

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