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Strategizing with Corporate Social Responsibility

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Please provide your thoughts on 3 out of these 5 questions and also provide APA references:

1. Between the two opposing views in Strategy in Action 12.1 (by Karnani) and 12.2 (by Porter), which view do you support? Why?

2. As CEO of a leading bank in Wall Street or the City of London, you have decided to directly meet participants in the Occupy Wall Street movement or the Occupy London movement, respectively. What will you say?

3. What are Whole Foods' firm-specific resources and capabilities that underpin its success?

4. From an institution-based view, how would you characterize Whole Foods' strategy featuring its "heroic" purpose to "try to change and improve our world"?

5. Why does Mackey acknowledge that most customers don't care about consciousness, and yet he and his firm emphasize so much of it?

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//In the contemporary business environment, Whole Foods Market is a leading retailer of organic and natural food. Whole food market firm has natural and organic foods supermarkets. In this context, the following section discusses the firm's specific resources along with the capabilities that underpin its success. Additionally, it also illustrates regarding Whole Food's strategy featuring its heroic purpose to try to change and improve our world.//

Answer 3
Whole Foods' firm-specific resources and capabilities that underpin its success

Whole food firm provides organic and natural products by emphasizing on perishable foods. The firm-specific resources includes bakery, grocery, coffee, tea, cheese, meat, seafood, prepared foods, beer, catering, wine, body care, nutritional supplements, vitamins, household products and lifestyle products such as books, pet products, etc. In addition to this the other brands of the firm include Whole Catch, Whole Pantry, Whole Fields, Whole ...

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Strategizing with corporate social responsibility is examined. The response addresses the query posted in 600 words with APA reference.

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