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Meaning of Work

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Work provides satisfaction to people in different ways. The Meaning of Work (MOW) International Research Team identifies six items that add value and satisfaction to one's job. What are these six items? How are these six items different among people in different countries?

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I think we should begin by understanding just what the Meaning of Work (MOW) International Research Team does. Well first they study the role that work plays in the lives of people in industrialized societies. They focus on both paid employment in the traditional arena as well as newer employee-employer relationships such as contracts, careers, absence of work and connections. They promote such practical things in Human Resource Management like motivational programs, career development, diversity and global management. (Claes & Verloo, 2012).

With that out of the way we can now focus on the six identified items that add value and satisfaction to one's job.
1. Provides needed income;
2. Gives one status and prestige,
3. Occupies one's time,
4. Establishing and maintaining interesting contacts,
5. Gives the opportunity to serve society, and
6. Professional interests and satisfactions are met.

1. Providing needed income is most likely a role that is important in all countries and ranked highest among MOW's six identified items in many countries. "Pay, as you might expect, is a relative thing" (Kramer, 2012). This statement made in an article in the Journal of Organizational Behavior is a relative one since most agree a certain level of pay is needed to meet your needs in any country. One comparison that could be made one of the things actually missed in East Europe after the fall of communism is the security regarding employment and the likes (Simpkin, 2004). Also the greatest difference would ...

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The Meaning of Work International Research Team gives six items that add value and satisfaction to one's job. Not only will you find these items within this response but also how these items differ from country to country.

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